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115 S Pattie St, Wichita

(316) 303-0077

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Walk-Ins Only

The best way to get a tattoo is just to show up at the shop from  12 to 7 tues- Friday and 11 to 7 Saturday  Red Sea Tattoo is located at 115 s. Pattie. The phone number is 316-303-0077. I can also be contacted by facebook or email. Use the form or social media links below to contact me.

Wichita’s Walk In Only Tattoo Shop!  Thats right … walk ins only no appointments…. All tattoos are done on a first come first serve basis. No hassles, No deposits, No long waits, and no missed or rescheduled appointments. I try to make getting tattooed easy and fun, just show up. I do my best to tattoo everyone the day they come in and rarely have to turn anyone away. Red Sea Tattoo is the longest running  shop in Wichita because I make getting tattooed easy, fun and simple.



Drop me an email!

With encouragement from my mom I opened Red Sea Tattoo on 6-5-02.  I had no intention of opening a tattoo shop the waters parted so to speak and everything just kind of worked out. I love going to work everyday, i love my customers, and i love how every day is totally different. The older i get the more i like to not make any plans and just let the magic happen. I only take walk ins.  I am open from 12 to 7 tues- Friday and 11 to 7 Saturday. I take my first walk in at open first come first serve. I work fast and rarely have to turn anyone away that day. I am constantly drawing new sheets of flash and other tattoo ideas so showing up with a specific design is not necessary.  I  have a large library of classic tattoo flash dating back to as early as the 1920s. I also have a large library on traditional japanese tattooing, tribal tattooing, chicano and other black and grey styles, girly or small or just about anything you might want. I focus mostly on classic traditional American style but all styles can be accommodated .  I always welcome visitors.  There is no charge to look or throw some ideas around.  Hope to see you. -Matt Headley

On Aesthetic

There are essentially three types of tattoos- custom, classic, and overdone. Custom tattoos are drawn specificallly based off of ones prefrences. In my opinion custom tattoos should be drawn to fit with a persons body and not be overly crowded or busy. Classic tattoos have a bold black outline, heavy black shadding and bright colors. Usaully less than 5 colors. Overdone tattoos are just that… fads. I prefer to do the first two  custom and classic. Though much of my work even custom does take root in a classic style of tattooing. With strong bold outlines and the heavy black shading and solid fields of color tattoos will always look clean and timeless. In my opinion tattoos should be two things. First, they should last a lifetime. Second, the person wearing it should love it. Classic tattooing has proven itself , tattoos that have been done for 50 years still look solid and have that unexplainable tattoo magic.

On Customer Service

I am a tattooer. I take pride in what i create. I would not tell a plumber how to plumb my house.  The customer is not always right, because they do not have the experience and knowledge that i have worked very hard to acquire over the past 18 years of doing tattoos (as of 2014). but i am always more than happy to explain or create a tattoo that both of us would be proud of for a lifetime.

On Cleanliness

I am proud to announce that Red Sea Tattoo is  a 100%  disposable shop. All of our Equipment is purchased presterilized, used once and disposed of.  Licensed in the State of Kansas.

On Working Alone

I have worked alone for the past 12 years. I like that every tattoo that leaves is the best tattoo that can come out of the shop. With one tattooer you don’t have to worry about getting the guy that isn’t as good. I prefer a very direct and personal relationship with my customers … working alone and having a small shop allows me this luxury. Good solid tattoos are and have always been my number one goal, not having a shop full of mediocre tattooers making me money.